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Jailbreak 2016 - £20.00

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Jailbreak 2016 - £10.00 (with discount for LOST participants)

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Bristol RAG (Raising and Giving) is an amazing opportunity to have fun, meet awesome new people and raise loads of money for good causes. Bristol RAG raises over £125,000 each year for local, national and international charities. To find out more about what we do and see what our fundraising totals are, check out our dedicated Bristol RAG website.


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Our newsletter is free to sign up to and it is the best way to keep up to date with the latest fundraising events and ways to get involved with RAG! Just click the 'Join RAG' link at the top of the page to get our weekly newsletter! RAG is free to join as we welcome everyone to fundraise with us =D

A few of our events include:

- Raids (bucket collections across the country)

- Jailbreak (hitchhiking challenge)

- Lost (new event for 2015/16!)

- International trips and challenges

- RAG Week and Procession

- Casino night

- much more!


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Where does the money go?

Bristol RAG give to both local, national and international charities. Click here to find out where the money goes.


Apply to be a Charity Partner 2016/17!

Applications are now open for our charities for the next academic year. Please fill in this application form if you are interested in being one of our partners. Please email completed forms to bristolrag.chair@gmail.com by 6pm on the 11th September. Good Luck!


Equipment Hire (POPCORN MACHINE):

Bristol RAG has a Popcorn machine which can be rented out to societies for events. 

We charge £15 for the use of the machine per day (kernel bought separaretely) 

To use it please complete this form and send it to bristolrag.chair@gmail.com


RAG Week

RAG Week is a week of celebrating fundraising with dance, talks, sports, quizzes and more. Get in touch if you have an idea for an event for RAG Week 2016 by emailing bristolrag.chair@gmail.com/ bristolrag.procession@gmail.com