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Welcome to the home of societies, student media and sports clubs at Bristol SU! We have over 300 student societies, sports clubs and media products, so there's plenty to get involved with!

If you're not a student at the University of Bristol, you'll need to take out an Associate Membership (£25 per year) to join our societies and clubs.

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Sports Clubs

UBU has 49 different sports club, including Basketball, Windsurfing, Ultimate Frisbee, Surf, Lacrosse and Judo.

When you join any of these sports clubs you'll also need to take out Sport & Health Membership costing £20 (on top of the club's membership fee). This payment goes towards supporting sports clubs to participate in BUCS, the inter-university sports league, and provide grants. An additional benefit is that all sports club members are covered by UBU's Personal Accident Insurance* (Elite cover).

* Please note, this only provides cover for students at the University of Bristol, it does not extend to non-students, members of University staff or students at other institutions.