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Welcome to University of Bristol Wing Chun Kung Fu!

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a realistic close-quarter self-defense system that is designed to deal with the possibility of facing stronger opponents.

Wing Chun puts great emphasis on practicality, efficiency, and economy of movement, dealing with opponents quickly. Its power generation is achieved through optimal body structure, speed and relaxation of the body and mind.

Through these core principles, it is possible for the smaller practitioner to defeat a larger, stronger opponent.


Here at UoB Wing Chun, we are instructed by Sifu Liam Duggan. Our sifu has a direct lineage to grandmaster Ip ching, son of Ip Man, and teacher of Bruce Lee, therefore his knowledge of Wing Chun theory and application is most invaluable to us who take Wing Chun seriously.

Our training involves running technical forms, drills, pad work, based on demonstrated real life applications.

We currently have members of different experience levels, right from the beginners level.

We very much encourage a friendly, and relaxed atmosphere whereby students can train and learn together in an enjoyable but respectful manner,

Wing Chun Kung Fu may be new and seem different to what you may be expecting, but if you are looking for realistic and effective self-defense, we may be just the type of martial art for you.

If you are a beginner and want to come along to have a go and see what we do, you are more than welcome!


If you are interested then please feel free to visit the facebook page and message us!!!/groups/149688478445739/


The Committee:

James Jones -  President

Andrew Tinker - Secretary

Frank Tai Wing Fai  - Treasurer


Training Times Winter 2015

Watch this space ....


£6 per 2 hour session,

Your first session is always free!


Reccommended Clothing at training:

  • Flat -bottomed shoes
  • Comfortable clothing



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