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Established in 2004, in its current form, the University of Bristol Archaeology and Anthropology Society is an academic society dedicated to active engagement in the fields of archaeology and anthropology. As a society we aim to promote, support and develop students’, alumni, professionals’ and members of the public’s interests in archaeology and anthropology through the activities of the society.

Our society achieves our aims through a variety of activities. Our social events aim to cultivate an atmosphere where students, alumni, professionals and members of the public can freely engage in discussions and debates over developments in the fields of archaeology and anthropology, while still relaxing and having a good time. Field trips– often led by experts – provide an opportunity to have firsthand experiences with archaeological material within their cultural and physical landscapes. Often fieldtrips will engage with local communities attempting to develop a relationship between archaeology and anthropology.

The society also maintains a Facebook page and an Instagram page.

Membership rates for 2015-2016: £5.



The Archaeology and Anthropology Society is sponsored by:


Committee 2015 - 2017

2015 - 2016:

Amrita Chahal
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

2016 - 2017:
Joseph Sprecher
(BA Archaeology)

Vice President
2015 - 2016:

Rebecca Saunders
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

2016 - 2017:
Sophie Carver
(BA Archaeology)

2015 - 2016:
Alex Cocker
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

2016 - 2017:
Roisin Buckley
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

2015 - 2016:

Sophie Jane Richardson
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

2015 - 2017:
Maya Levin Schtulberg
(BA Anthropology)

Social Secretaries:
2015 - 2016:

Rafe Dumbleton
(BA Achaeology and Anthropology)

Rebecca James 
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

2016 - 2017:
Declan Bell-Evans
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

Sophie Jane Richardson
(BA Archaeology and Anthropology)

Postgraduate Rep and Webmaster
2015 - 2017:

Alexander Thomas
(PhD Candidate in Archaeology and Anthropology)


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Field Trips


Field trips are a great way to learn about the archaeology, heritage and culture of southwest Britain and the UK in general.

The committee would welcome any suggestions on a future weekend fieldtrip.


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Archaeologists and Anthropologists generally know how to party. It has something to do with working outside in the hot sun that leads us to thoroughly let loose when the sun goes down. So naturally the society’s socials can get somewhat messy and a bit crazy. If you thought it was just the students who went a bit crazy on nights out, you would be mistaken, the staff often join us and party harder than many of the students. Many of our socials are themed fancy dress and there are occasionally prizes for the best outfit. 

Our first social last year was a bar crawl. We had an excellent turnout and was a great way to welcome back returning members as well as new members to the society. The society will hold a number of themed bar crawls throughout the year. These will be advertised around the department as well as on our Facebook page. They will also be advertised on this webpage too.

Our biggest social event of the year is our Christmas Party with the annual Christmas Quiz. The quiz is normally challenging and can often get heated. Everyone turns up for this event including most of the staff and many alumni members. 


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Membership to the society gets you some great benefits. Not only do you get in to all of our lecture series events free, but you also get discounts on field trips, events, hoodies, t-shirts and much, much more!


Membership rates for 2015 - 2016 are:

  • One year membership – £5


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Presidents Past


Archaeology and Anthropology Society (ArchAnthSoc)

2016 – 2017            Joseph Sprecher

2015 – 2016            Amrita Chahal

2014 – 2015            Catherine Chapman 

2013 – 2014            Fred Brown

2012 – 2013            Georgina Feather

2011 – 2012            Ben Hussey

2010 – 2011            Chris Kerns

2009 – 2010            Ben Prime

2008 – 2009            Carsten Reinhard

2007 – 2008            Julie Dunne

2006 – 2007            Lynsey Fairweather and William White

2005 – 2006            Susan Stratton and Hannah Toms

2004 – 2005            Katherine Walker and Lydia Northcott


Archaeology Society (ArchSoc)

2003 – 2004            Vicky Rees and Jay Stocks

2002 – 2003            Jennifer Jackson and Andrew Winter

2001 – 2002            Becky Wragg and Catherine Shepherd

2000 – 2001            Naomi Payne and Katherine Bostock

1999 – 2000            Rik Hoggett

1998 – 1999            Dave Mullin

1997 – 1998            ?

1996 – 1997            ?

1995 – 1996            Laura Basell

If you know anyone who was President of ArchSoc please post it to our Facebook page and we will add it to our list.


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