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Sport is a great way to make new friends, learn new skills and display your talents! Bristol SU offers something for everyone whether you want top level competition, occasional keep-fit sessions, adrenaline fuelled weekend trips or just relaxed fun with a group of friends.

Bristol SU offers

Sports Consultation 

in 2012 we launched a Sports Consultation to understand the motivations of students who participate in sport and similarly identify why some students do not.

The results have been published and presented to various bodies within the University in the hope of establishing a clear evidence-based and financially sustainable membership system to enable students to get the most from the University sports facilities.

View the Sports Consultation results


Sports Pass

For more information on the Sports Passes offered by Sport, Exercise and Health visit the SEH website

The official supplier of our Sportswear is Playerlayer!



Get Exercise Confident

Whether you are a beginner who wants to start exercising more, or a regular who wants to brush up on your technique, Get Exercise Confident has something for you!Learn about exercise, including workouts that can be done either at home, outdoors or in the gym. Workouts include step by step guide, and will teach you the best way to train cardio, resistance training and core, as well as discussing the different benefits. Videos will show you how to do each exercise with correct tecnnique.


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