Postgraduate Student Experience Research

Postgraduate Research Initiative

Postgraduates were commissioned to research student life and how students engage with UBU. The research focused on qualitative methods (like interviews and focus groups) to develop descriptive narratives and case studies to enhance the data.

The full reports can be downloaded by clicking on the boxes below. You can also download a summary report of all the research pieces here.

This research helped us understand the challenges that postgrads face day-to-day and will be part of the evidence base we use to develop policy proposals to ensure that student support is fit for purpose. The work will also help develop a Bristol SU Postgraduate Network to provide support and advice tailored to postgrads.

For more information about the initiative or about the summary report please email Sorana Vieru.

Research Reports

Funding for our future

Natalie Jester-Carter

The report looked explored the key funding issues facing taught masters students at UoB. The themes that came through were fees and funding, academic choices, term-time work, money worries, fear of debt and student perceptions, and awareness of what is available. Participants noted that masters students required more financial help based on need, not just merit. The preferred solution to financial issues was some form of government administered student loans, like those offered to undergraduates as student debt appeared to be more manageable. There is a need for more advice on how to find work to fit around studies, which was an important means of keeping students afloat financially over their study. 

Postgrad Representation

Faye Bolderson

This piece of research revealed issues behind the PGs' lack of engagement with their student representatives. PGs perceive themselves as more independent and are likely to take up the issues themselevs, while the PG course structure and intensity makes it difficult for them to get involved. 

Welfare & Tutoring

Monika Mura
Participants demanded a better pastoral support system for postgraduates, as supervisory arrangements focus on academic progress, yet a number of PG-specific welfare factors impact on studies go unmonitored. The isolated nature of PG degrees can add to welfare issues faced by students along with the financial strain of supporting oneself during very demanding and/or lengthy periods of research.

International students' Experience

Theofano Mavrovounioti
International students are seen as an active segment of student population, responding well to initiatives and keen to get involved. The participants made positive comments about the Multifaith Chaplaincy, Careers Service, Student Health, and the Counseling Service. They also showed interest in having more social events, more interaction, more active representatives and better language support. Subjects wanted ways to feel more comfortable with the culture, language and local community. 

Please contact a member of the team with any questions.

Two weeks in the life of a Taught Postgraduate

We have asked 12 University of Bristol PG Taught students to keep a daily diary of their lives and courses. We then compiled a report of the research findings which can be downloaded here.