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AFF First Jump Courses

Learning to skydive on AFF is the fastest and mort reliable way of getting your skydiving licence! Whilst more expensive than the alternative, the more personalised training course offers almost assured progression on each jump. Your first jump is also from 15,000 ft, with 60 seconds of freefall!

This is a weekend course, and we will be offering loads throughout the first term. Ignore the start and end date of this event, you'll be given the opportunity to choose a date when you pay.

Your training starts with an intensive course on how to perform your first parachute jump from 15,000 ft. You'll be taught how your gear works, what your body position should be, how to fly your canopy to the ground and what your emergency procedures are. All the skills are taught in small groups to ensure everyone is absolutely ready and safe to perform a skydive. You'll jump from 15,000ft with a very experienced instructor on each side of you.

The next two jumps are to improve your overall body position, with less instructor input on each skydive. On jump number three your instructors will let go of you for the first time and each subsequent jump will be performed with just one instructor, with turns, backflips and tracking being taught. By as early as jump six you could be jumping without any instructors. After performing your ten consolidation jumps, you will qualify for your A Licence!

Pricing for the varous jumps ("levels") are shown below:

  • Groundschool & Level 1: £350 - this is what you're paying here
  • Level 2 & 3: £220
  • Levels 4 - 7: £150
  • Level 8: £85
  • Consoles: £45 - 10 of these must be performed to get your licence

For more information about AFF see our website, A Gude to AFF.


Venue: Dunkeswell Airfield

Type Society Shop

Start Date Friday 31-03-2017 - 11:00

End Date Saturday 05-08-2017 - 00:00

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Terms and Conditions

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  • BUSC: Bristol University Skydiving Club
  • AFF: Advanced Free Fall
  • Skydive 99: The provider of our ground school services.
  1. Registration: 
    1. Purchase of a deposit will guarantee the purchasor of a place on a AFF ground school at Skydive99 at Dunkeswell Aerodrome. This purchase makes up a portion of the total cost of said ground school is to cover the expense and time involved in arranging a ground school and is non-refundable under ordinary curcumstances. 
      1. It is the responsibility of purchasors to make the club aware of the dates they would be available to attend a ground school, should the purchasor fail in this it is not the responsibility of BUSC to solicit dates from them.
    2. Purchase of an AFF First Jump Course ticket allows the purchasor access to an AFF ground school weekend with Skydive 99 at Dunkeswell Aerodrome. This price includes transport to the aerodrome and accomodation on-site.
      1. Transport to the dropzone will take place on Friday evening, those purchasing a ticket should be prepared to make themselves available from 6PM on Friday evening until late Sunday night of their given weekend.
      2. Purchase of a Static Line First Jump Course ticket is not valid without purchase of a deposit.
    3. Purchasers of an AFF First Jump Course and/or Deposit confirm the following;
      1. That they are not of an age exceeding 50 years
      2. That they are not of a weight exceeding 15 stone
      3. That they possess a level of English rendering them capable of understanding and following complex safety procedures.
      4. That they are capable of complying with the Solo Student Declaration of Fitness under form F114A found here;
    4. Should any purchasors or potential purchasors find themselves unable to comply with these rules, contact the committee and we will attempt to arrange a safe workaround, pending medical and/or instructor approval.
  2. Deposits/Refunds
    1. Refunds for payment of a deposit are not available unless BUSC is completely unable to provide the purchasor with a ground school within the dates specified upon purchase.
    2. Refunds for purchase of a ground school are not available after the friday before the specified ground school is to take place. This is due to the fact that by this point the dropzone has been paid and will not refund the service.
      1. These rules are subject to the discretion of the treasurer and/or committee.  
  3. Indemnity
    1. BUSC shall not be identified as the provider of any skydiving services received.
      1. As such, BUSC takes no responsibility for any injury, or loss of/damage to property as a result of skydiving with Skydive99.
  • Bristol SU operates ticket purchasing for multiple events at venues across the city. These terms and conditions only apply where they are not superseded by an event promoter or a particular venue’s terms and conditions.
  • Admission to all events is subject to the restrictions employed by the host venue.
  • Students must bring their University of Bristol UCard to every event they wish to attend for identification purposes. For members of the public, photo ID will be required (e.g. passport, driving licence, proof of age card)
  • Re-admission is not allowed once you have attended an event unless approved by the manager on duty.
  • Right of admission is reserved by the venue management. Please note that you are still subject to Bristol SU’s event admission procedures and can be refused entry if you breach these.
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Refunds -  *** Please note that this is standard practice at every entertainments venue in the UK. *** ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE. All sales are final. Refunds are not available on tickets once they have been purchased, including those purchased in error or non-attendance due to illness or injury.  However, the following are certain instances in which a refund may be given. THERE ARE NO OTHER INSTANCES IN WHICH A REFUND MAY BE OFFERED.

  • The entire event has been cancelled by the promoter or Bristol SU. In this instance, refunds are available to everyone who has purchased a ticket in advance.
  • The main performing artiste has cancelled or the event altered for reasons beyond our control, but the event has still taken place. Again, refunds will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and where authorised.
  • The event has sold out, and there are people waiting for extra tickets. In this instance refunds may be given, and the tickets then resold to people on the waiting list once the re-sale cash has been received.
  • In all instances the duty manager’s decision will be final.

Transfer Policy - All tickets purchased for Bristol SU events are non-transferrable – they are assigned exclusively to your account and cannot be moved to that of another person. Physical Ticket Replacements - For events with physical tickets, it is the responsibility of the individual purchaser to keep their ticket safe once it has been collected from the information point or welcome desk. Please note that replacement tickets will not be issued in the event of their loss or damage, and will need to be repurchased in this instance. It is advised that you write your name and Uni number on the back of your ticket so that it can be returned if handed in!