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Key Documents - Articles, Byelaws, Equality and Diversity, Strategy and Accounts

Governing Documents


The Memorandum and Articles of Association (often referred to as Articles) is the governing document of Bristol Students' Union (SU) but what exactly does that mean?

The Articles of Association set out the rules according to which a company (so Bristol SU in this case) must be run and administered. It is a legal document and gives the Board of Trustees reasonable authority to manage the affairs of the Union in a professional manner. The Board of Trustees ensure that consideration of the views of the Members (which are the students) is taken into account in any decison making or discussions.

More information about the Trustee Board and how the SU is run 

Bristol SU Byelaws

Approved by the Annual members Meeting (AMM) - March 2021

Equality and Diversity

One of Bristol SU's values is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Bristol SU will seek at all times to:

  • ensure that the equality, diversity and inclusion of its Membership is recognised, and that equal access is available to all Members of whatever origin or orientation;
  • pursue its aims and objectives independent of any political party or religious group;pursue equal opportunities by taking positive action within the law to facilitate participation of groups discriminated against by society;
  • foster and encourage the freedom of speech, expression, assembly and association amongst its Members; and
  • fulfil its objects in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We are developing a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy for the SU and in the meantime are operating to this working version of Bristol SU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy

Key SU Documents

Bristol SU Annual Accounts

For previous Bristol SU Annual Accounts please have a look on Companies House or the Charity Commission under University of Bristol Students' Union or please contact the Clerk -

Bristol SU Strategy

Bristol SU Strategy 2020 - 2025

Annual Statement of Legal Compliance

The Annual Statement of Legal Compliance describes and provides assurances to the University, staff, students and external bodies of our levels of compliance with the Education Act and relevant laws. A review takes place every year.

The Chief Executive has ensured that the organisation has applied its processes and internal systems of control in a manner that gives satisfaction, so that:

  • Bristol SU has sufficient understanding of its relevant statutory and contractual obligations
  • There are appropriate systems, processes and internal systems of control in place to enable Bristol SU to deliver its services to members and meet its relevant statutory and legal obligations.

This statement was updated in Feb 2021 by Bristol SU Management Team and noted by Trustees 

Bristol SU Annual Statement of Legal Compliance 2019 - 2020