The Best Student Life. Bristol SU

Picture of Bristol SU's annual awards evening

Our vision: The best student life

Our mission

Students drive and are at the heart of everything we do.

  • We are the collective voice of University of Bristol students  
  • We support activities so students can try new things and develop skills
  • We advise, support and empower students to make change
  • We are a vibrant social hub
  • We provide quality services for the benefit of students

Our values

  • Representation
  • Equality and Diversity 
  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Fun 

Achieving our vision

The University of Bristol Students' Union is a membership organisation democratically led by students, supported by a team of around 50 staff and managers who run the day to day activities and services provided by the organisation. The Students' Union provides the infrastructure for enabling the Bristol SU vision, mission and values. Improving the student experience and ensuring that the organisation meets the needs of its members is at the core of our purpose.

One of our core values is Sustainability. As such we've put together this document to summarise the key aspects of activity within Bristol SU, their relative environmental impact and steps being taken to mitigate their negative impact.