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What Next

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What happens next?

Extenuating circumstances are considered by a small committee in your Department, School or Faculty called the Extenuating Circumstances Committee (ECC) which normally meets shortly before the board of examiners.

Once you have submitted your extenuating circumstances form the ECC will look at your form and work out which assessments have been affected by the circumstances. If you only have self-certified the illness, only one action is available which is to permit you to undertake the exam in the next relevant examination period as a first attempt.

Otherwise, the Committee will decide and classify whether the impact on your performance is likely to have been mild, moderate or serious, and whether the duration of the circumstances were acute or chronic.

The Committee then presents this to the School Board of Examiners. The School Board of Examiners will consider your case, determine the effect on your results and make a recommendation to the Faculty Board of Examiners who make the final decision. If the School Board of Examiners decide that the circumstances have significantly affected your academic performance, they can recommend one of the following options to:

  • Award credit for the affected unit(s), despite a failed mark, on the basis of your performance elsewhere;
  • Allow you to reattempt the assessment(s) without penalty (in other words, as a “first attempt”) where you otherwise are unable to progress; 
  • Allow you to repeat the year or part of the year without penalty; 
  • Disregard the affected mark for the purposes of degree classification (applicable to final year undergraduate students only); 
  • Allow the re-submission of your dissertation in taught postgraduate programmes if you have achieved a mark less than 45 out of 100; 
  • Place the extenuating circumstances report on file for the board of examiners to consider when they consider your future progression or make an award. 

The Faculty Board of Examiners will only alter your mark in exceptional acute circumstances where it considers no other outcome to be satisfactory.

You will not automatically be informed of the outcome of the consideration of your extenuating circumstances by the Extenuating Circumstances Committee. To find out, you should ask your School Office.

If your extenuating circumstances have not been taken into account when you receive the final decision from the Faculty Board of Examiners, you may be able to appeal their decision. You can contact Just Ask for more information and advice on the appeal process.