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Harassment & Discrimination

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Bristol SU aims to ensure that the environment at the University of Bristol is one where everyone has an equal chance and where diversity is highly valued.  We also aim to increase awareness through forums and events organised throughout the year that bring different societies and cultures together to celebrate our diversity.  

Bristol SU's stance...

"Harassment may be defined as offensive or hostile acts or expressions, which include, but is not limited to, verbal abuse, insults, jokes, graffiti, vandalism, threats and physical assault. In particular it is when interference with another person's work or social life creates an intimidating or hostile environment. Any difficulty in defining harassment shall not prevent complaints being made."

Bristol SU has adopted a 'zero tolerance' policy to sexual harassment. We take reports of sexual harassment very seriously. If you consider that you've been sexually (or otherwise) harassed please tell a member of Bristol SU staff and we'll try our best to help. There's more information about help and support here.

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