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Crime (and Punishment)

Students at Bristol are generally a well-behaved lot, but trouble can still arise. Remember: being a student, being drunk or simply not knowing that your behaviour is against the law is not an excuse. Committing a crime, no matter how minor it might seem at the time, can have serious implications for your career – both at university and later in life.

The information on these pages aims to explore some (it’s not exhaustive!) of the actions/behaviours which could get you into trouble; explain how the University deals with students’ criminal behaviour and to support students who have been the victim of crime. If we've missed anything out, or you want help with a specific problem: contact a Just Ask adviser.

Generally, everything you tell us will be confidential: we do not disclose the fact that you have broken or intend to break the law unless we believe that you or someone else is at risk by you doing so, or we are required to do so by law (eg, for terrorism offences).

Our information pages:

Other information:

  • the Bristol University Police Team have a Facebook page with advice and information for Bristol students
  • NUS have an interactive webkit called The Lock, which is full of tips and advice on staying safe