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University Stage appeals

How to progress your appeal to University Stage

There is a second stage to the appeals procedure, the University Stage. This is where the Local Stage decision is looked at again by an Appeal Review Panel who are independent of your faculty. They have the power to ask your faculty to look at the matter again, either with or without a recommendation of what to do. They can also uphold the Local Stage decision and issue a Completion of Procedures letter, or organise a full committee hearing to consider your appeal. It is very rare for a committee hearing to be convened, so it’s extremely unlikely that this will happen.

If you would like more detailed advice on progressing your appeal to the University Stage, please email Just Ask a copy of your Local Stage decision letter with a brief explanation of why you think the decision is wrong.

How to progress your appeal to University Stage

When you receive the Local Stage decision, you have 10 working days (weekends and University closed days don’t count) to request that your appeal is escalated to the University Stage. Firstly, you need to email an Appeal Progression Form to the Student Complaints and Mediation Manager, on You should attach your original decision letter/notification of results, your local stage appeal form with supporting evidence, and your appeal outcome letter. 

That's all you need to do within the 10-day limit. You then need to prepare a detailed letter to the Student Complaints and Mediation Manager to explain why you are unhappy with the Local Stage decision.

Writing your University Stage appeal letter

This letter is your chance to respond to the points made in the Local Stage decision letter. For your appeal to succeed you will need to show why the reasoning for the Local Stage decision is wrong. There’s no need to repeat information in your original appeal form as the Appeal Review Panel will be able to see this. But if you think that some points haven’t been considered properly or if you have new information to add, you can say this in your University Stage appeal letter. You should also include any new evidence that you might have.

Just Ask can help by giving you feedback on drafts of this letter before you submit it. There’s no specific deadline for this letter to be submitted but it's important to keep the Student Complaints and Mediation Manager informed if there are any delays.