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OIA Complaints

The OIA is the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education. This is an independent body which can review student complaints. It can only consider cases after you have received a Completion of Procedures letter, which will be issued once the University’s internal procedures have been exhausted. The OIA will not review issues that have not been through the University’s internal procedures first. You must contact the OIA within 12 months of receiving a Completion of Procedures letter. A Just Ask Advisor can give more advice and information on OIA processes and you can also find out more on the OIA website. If the OIA find your complaint to be Justified or Partly Justified, they may make recommendations to the University. Recommendations from the OIA are nearly always accepted by the University.

There are some examples of OIA recommendations on the OIA website, and you can also read about some recent outcomes. These should give you an idea of what they can do.

Some things to consider:

As with the University Stage of a complaint, an OIA complaint consists of your written argument, together with any relevant evidence. You cannot normally present your case in person.

The OIA don’t make decisions quickly. It can take several months before they reach a conclusion.

The OIA have a helpful list of tips for bringing a complaint – read this carefully.

You must submit your OIA complaint within twelve months of receiving the CoP letter.

If you do decide you want to pursue an OIA complaint, Just Ask can support you through that process, including giving feedback on your draft OIA form before you submit it.