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Making a University Stage Complaint

If the issue hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction at the Local Stage, you can progress your complaint to the University Stage by requesting this in writing to the Student Complaints and Mediation Manager within 14 days of receiving the Local Stage outcome.

Once your University Stage complaint has been received, a Complaint Review Panel will then be arranged where three senior members of University staff who have had no prior involvement with the complaint meet to consider the complaint. They can either:

  • Ask the parties to consider entering into mediation
  • Refer the complaint back to the Local Stage with a recommendation for resolution
  • Recommend that a Council Committee be appointed to hear the complaint
  • Dismiss the complaint giving reasons and issue a Completion of Procedures letter

A Completion of Procedures letter means that you have gone through all the University’s internal processes to resolve the complaint and nothing further can be done within the University. The letter should explain why this decision has been made.

If you remain unhappy at this point and feel you would like to take your complaint further you may be able to do this through an external organisation called the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (OIA).