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Exam Cheating

All work submitted as part of any assessment must be entirely your own. If you use other people's ideas or words these must be referenced properly. Guidance about this is available from your school, the Study Skills service and your subject librarian

No collaboration or collusion, either virtually or physically is allowed during digital assessments. Any suspected instances of this will be investigated and penalties may be applied.

If any form of cheating in an assessment is suspected, a panel meeting will be arranged, similar to a plagiarism panel meeting. At the meeting you will be asked questions about what happened in the exam and have the chance to tell your side of the story.

If you have been invited to a meeting to discuss a suspicion of exam cheating, get in touch with Just Ask for advice about how to prepare. You can also take an adviser into the panel meeting with you for support if you would like.

After the meeting, the panel will decide what action, if any, to take. There are a range of options available which include things like keeping the matter on file for future reference, awarding lower marks or awarding 0 marks. They will also decide whether to allow the resit and whether or not this will be capped at the minimum pass mark.

The panel decision does not become final until it is ratified by the faculty exam board and at this point you have the right to appeal against it.