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How to submit Extenuating Circumstances

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Complete either the University’s extenuating circumstances form or the self-certification for absence form. Both are available from the University’s Student Forms page.

Give as much information as possible but be clear and concise. You need to explain and give evidence about when and how the circumstances impacted on your academic performance.

Alerting your School

It is a good idea to keep your school regularly informed of any personal matters affecting your studies. You are in charge of your personal information and what you do with it, so boards of examiners will only take into account what you choose to disclose. The only way that exam boards can be notified about student's circumstances is via the extenuating circumstances system. What this means is that you must fill in a form, even though you might have discussed problems with your tutor or another member of staff.

Just speaking to your personal tutor is not enough, you must submit a form!

It is possible to either email forms and evidence to your school office or hand in paper copies. Some schools also have online submission systems. If you're confused about what to do, ask at your school office.

Fill in an extenuating circumstances form and submit it with evidence if:

  • You are absent from an exam due to illness and wish to present evidence.
  • You are absent from an exam due to a cause other than illness.
  • You are absent from teaching for more than seven consecutive days.
  • You are unable to submit a piece of coursework by the deadline.
  • You are ill during an examination
  • You complete an assessment but wish to bring to the University’s attention an extenuating circumstance that affected your ability to perform in the assessment

Fill in a self-certification form if:

  • You are absent from an exam due to illness and self-certifying the absence (i.e. not providing evidence)
  • You are absent from teaching for seven consecutive days or less.

Please note that to self-certify your absence from an exam you will also need to contact your school office on the day of the exam before the exam starts to let them know you won't be there.