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What's gone wrong

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What if I'm ill during the teaching period? What if I think I'll miss a coursework deadline? What if I have problems on exam day?

+ What if I’m ill during the teaching period?

Click here for advice on what to do if you're ill during the teaching period.

If you are absent during the teaching period because of illness or some other reason, let your School know as soon as possible, and:

  • If the absence is seven consecutive days or less in the teaching period, complete and submit a Student Absence form so that your absence can be recorded. No medical evidence is required for the absence.
  • If the absence is for more than seven consecutive days in the teaching period, you should complete and submit an extenuating circumstances form as the prolonged absence could have affected your learning. Usually, medical evidence will be needed if you were absent due to ill-health.

+ What if I think I'll miss a coursework deadline?

Click here for advice on what to do if you think you might miss a deadline.

If you’re ill or for some reason feel you won’t be able to submit a piece of coursework by the deadline:

  • If you are ill during the teaching period, such that you cannot complete coursework as scheduled, fill in a coursework extension requestThis must be requested before the deadline. There is some guidance on how schools consider coursework extension requests available here

If you are ill on exam day, click here.