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Teaching and Assessment

As a result of the pandemic many changes have been made to both teaching and assessment. Up to date information from the University on all issues relating to this can be found within their student experience and study pages. Specific information relating to your course is available from your school.

Many changes have been made to modes of assessment. The majority of assessment now takes place digitally, with a mixture of coursework, online exams and timed assessments. Some flexibility has been built in to account for things like technical issues, students having to take assessments in different time zones, etc. More information about the University's approach to assessment can be found on their Assessment and Exam Arrangements for 2020/21 page.

Alternative Exam Arrangements will still be in place. If you have any queries once the details of your assessments are known, contact your School Disability Coordinator.

If you are not well enough to sit an online exam

For online exams of less than 24 hour duration, you can self-certify your absence if you are not well enough to sit the exam on the day. You need to do this before the start of the exam (this is when the password to open the exam paper is sent out to you). If you are sitting the exam in a different time zone and you need to self-certify but the exam has already started, contact your school office as this will be considered on a case by case basis. 

To self-certify you need to let your school office know that you won't be sitting the exam. Then you need to complete the self-certification form which is available from your school office and submit it as soon as you're able to. No supporting evidence is required. You will then be able to sit the exam at the next available opportunity which is most likely to be during August 2021.

If you start the exam but are unable to complete it, or if you wish to self-certify but the exam has already started, you need to tell your school before the exam ends, and then fill in an extenuating circumstances form to explain what happened. The form is available from your school office. Provide evidence if possible. 

Timed assessments

Self-certification is not applicable for timed assessment because these take place over several days to allow for short term disruption or illness. No extensions are possible. If you are not well enough to attempt a timed assessment or you are affected by extenuating circumstances during a timed assessment, you will need to fill in an extenuating circumstances form and submit this with evidence if you can. The form is available from your school office.

Academic integrity

Normal rules about referencing and plagiarism apply to online exams. The work you submit must be entirely your own, so you mustn't collaborate or work with anyone else on your exam, either physically or virtually. The University will investigate and penalise instances of collaboration and exam cheating. If you find yourself in this situation, please do get in touch with Just Ask for advice and support. More information on this is also available on our exam cheating page.


If you would like any further advice about any of this, please contact Just Ask.