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12 Things we achieved this year

Friday 16-06-2017 - 14:37

As we wind down another year and start preparing for the summer, it's important too look back at everything we achieved in the last 12 months with the help of our elected officers, clubs and societies and of course all of you. So without further ado, here's twelve things we achieved this year:


1. #WeAreBristol - our sports clubs achieved a highest-ever BUCS finish of 9th, with 24 league titles and over 20 team and individual medals



2. We secured £5000 from the University to investigate, with BME students, the BME attainment gap at Bristol. Plus we made sure students are part of the city’s anti-racism task force.


3. We led the UK’s most successful campaign to boycott the NSS, with thousands of students refusing to accept rises in tuition fees


Rally of students protesting against NSS and rise of tuition fees


4. We protected and added exclusive spaces for postgraduates, particularly in the Arts Faculty and the Brambles


5. We shaped the University’s £1 million investment into pastoral support, leading an all-student consultation and resulting in dozens of new staff to support student wellbeing


6. We established the Trans Students' Network and secured major wins for trans students on issues like gender neutral toilets and gender inclusive health service registration


7. A record breaking 37% of students voted in SU elections this year - so your reps and officers have their biggest ever mandate to represent you


new SU officers lined up on stage


8. We retained the Varsity championship (again), and raised over £12,000 for charity in our biggest and best-selling series ever


a crowd cheering for bristol varsity, there are flame throwers setting off at the team gates


9. Successfully backed the Fossil Free Bristol campaign - meaning your University will divest from fossil fuels by 2021


10. We ran and supported campaigns like: Black History Month, Don’t Rent Yet, The Richmond Lectures, The General Election, LGBT+ History Month, Balloon Bikes, and Welcome Week; reaching tens of thousands of students



11. Our 330+ clubs and societies signed up a record 15,000 students with 32,000 memberships


12. We are the fastest-improving student union in the UK (and working all the time to be even better)


And finally... See what our outgoing officers are most proud of in their own words:


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