5 of the most unusual societies at Bristol

Wednesday 28-06-2017 - 14:10

Joining a society whilst at university is a great opportunity to make friends and experience something new! Here at Bristol SU we have over 330 different clubs, sports and societies. Whatever your interests, our societies can cater to you. And if not, you can even start one up yourself!

To give you an idea of the range of opportunities on offer, we’ve chosen a few of our most unusual societies.


Ulitmate Frisbee

Two men playing ultimate frisbeeUltimate Frisbee at Bristol SU goes by the team name of Mythago. All you need is two teams (7 aside if you want to brave the elements, or 5 aside if you prefer the indoors), two endzones (like in American football) and a frisbee (a beautifully-carved plastic disc of 175 g). It's a fun, competitive and knackering game. It's one of those sports that you don't realise you how much exercise you're doing until you start to notice your calves bulging as you're powering up Bristol's hills!

Mythago are a welcoming club who value participation. But they also enjoy winning! This year the club has had much success; the womens team finsihed 5th at the Outdoor University Nationals (approx 50 teams qualify for nationals) and the mens first team finished 2nd in the BUCS Western 1A league. 

WARNING: you will get bitten by the Ultimate Frisbee bug! Several members of the club have had major bites and gone on to represent GB in global tournaments

You can find out more here


Brizzlepuffs Quidditch Club

Muggles do not fear, you don’t need to be a wizard to join this society. Quidditch is the fastest-growing mixed gender, full contact sport in the world. Although the Bristol team competes regularly with teams across the UK, they welcome curious new members who are interested in just having fun in sport. So grab your broomstick and try to catch that golden snitch.

Click here for more details.


A group of students raising their broomsticks after a game of "quidditch"

Circus Society

Fancy juggling a wacky skill along with a buzzing social life? Circus Society offers members the opportunity to learn to unicycle, diabolo, poi, staff spin, hula-hoop, juggle and much more. Their weekly meetings ensure you can clown around whilst meeting new people.

Click here for more details.


Bristol University Zombie Apocalypse Network

Don’t let yourself become zombie fodder when the day of the dead arrives. Refine your survival skills at one of our most unusual societies. The society prepares members for the impending apocalypse through simulations (Human vs. Zombie games) and also against each other (Human vs. Human games) to improve your teamwork, accuracy and planning skills. In other words they like messing about with nerf stuff and want you to join in!

Click here for more details.


Bristol University Skydiving Club

A skydiver falling through the sky next to a logo of the Bristol University Skydiving Club

Adrenaline junkies look no further. Do something unforgettable at university and experience skydiving at a seriously reduced price. The society also offers you the opportunity to learn to skydive solo, if you’re brave enough!

Click here for more details. 


If you’re curious about what other societies we have on offer you can find a full list here

If you’re interested in a society but unsure of whether it is for you, then why not attend some of the society taster events running in Welcome Week! For further details on Welcome Week Events click here.


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