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6 Top Tips for Online Exams and Assessments 

Monday 17-05-2021 - 11:21

student studying in the libraryOnline assessments and exams may feel very different to normal, but it’s really important that you act as though you are in a usual exam hall to make sure that your work is your own, and is completed fairly and within assessment regulations.

We’ve pulled together a list of top tips to help you succeed, and to make sure you don’t end up inadvertently cheating, plagiarising, or colluding in your upcoming assessments. 


Top Tip #1

Treat it like an in-person exam. Make sure you know your start date and time, have all of the permitted equipment ready, and sit alone and in silence. Make sure your study space is clear and quiet – as it would be in an exam hall. 


Top Tip #2

If you live in the same house as people on your course, make sure to sit separately in your own rooms. Sitting around the same kitchen table could count as collusion or plagiarism and you may face serious academic penalties for this. 


Top Tip #3

Always make and use your own notes for revision. If you share notes you run the risk of producing very similar assessments which may count as plagiarism. It’s your degree, make sure it’s all your own work.  


Top Tip #4

Look after your own wellbeing. Leave yourself plenty of time for your final bits of on-the-day revision, enjoy a good breakfast, and drink plenty of water. If you need wellbeing support during this time, please make use of the Request Wellbeing Support form. 


Top Tip #5

Turn your phone off and leave it in another room as you would in a normal exam. Be aware of course WhatsApp groups – if these are used during an exam you may be found to have colluded for your assessment. 


Top Tip #6

If you’re not sure, check! The university is creating exam and assessment briefs which detail what is and isn’t allowed - you can find them on Blackboard. Bristol SU’s Just Ask academic advice service also has plenty of guidance on our website about plagiarism and cheating, and are here to support you through any academic issues you may face. 


Good luck from all of us at Bristol SU. And remember, if you do face any issues, please do get in contact with our dedicated Just Ask academic advice team



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