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8 Things to see on Varsity Day

Monday 27-03-2017 - 15:56

Fun fact about your sport and student development officer (aka me), I’m from a long line of west country farmers and in my youth spent much time out and about helping Father House (that’s my dad not a local pastor) with various rural activities. Why am I telling you this? So that my first simile doesn’t seem too weird. Off we go.


Like the calf that I once helped a cow give birth to, Varsity is alive and kicking.


The whole series has loads of great individual events on offer, but if you are a sucker of a bargain, and more of a Haribo Mega Party variety pack kind of person than simple Starmix then Varsity Day is the day for you!


With over 20 sports played on one day across various locations, this day is not to be missed.


Wondering where to go? Fear not.

Get those Varsity bingo cards at the ready. Those aren’t things. Maybe they should be? Here’s 8 things to see on Varsity day, complete with woefully poor jokes.


1.Bristol beating UWE at Badminton

Kicking the day off at 12pm at the sports centre on Tyndall avenue, our Badminton team will be looking to put UWE on the early shuttle(cock) bus home.


2. UWE losing to Bristol at Tennis

All afternoon down at Fortress Coombe Dingle the Tennis team will be causing an absolute racket as they serve UWE the age old cold dish of defeat.


3. Bristol trouncing UWE in the pool

From 2pm to 4pm, everyones favourite body of water in Bristol that isn’t the harbourside (the SU pool) will be host to one of the hardest games ever invented – Water Polo. It promises to be superb.


4. UWE being beaten at Volleyball

If you’re more of an evening person then head down to the sports centre at Tyndall avenue from 6pm onwards to watch people play an overcomplicated version of that childhood favourite game of keeping the balloon off the floor. Wonderful.


5. Bristol thumping UWE at Netball

If you’re feeling particularly brave why not make the journey over to UWE. Likened to a journey to the underworld, if you do make it there safely check out Netball happening pretty much all day at the Centre for Sport over there.


6. UWE falling out of canoe whilst Bristolians laugh

Waterpolo’s distant cousin takes to the SU pool at 6pm as Canoe Polo aim to canoe around and hit each other out of their boats. I honestly don’t really know what canoe polo is. I can’t swim so I avoid water. Our canoe team are good though. I know that.


7. Bristol scoring way more goals than UWE in hockey

When you’ve seen some Netball, why not head to see some Hockey down at UWE on their artificial pitches. Often a fiercely competitive affair, the Hockey never fails to impress.


8. UWE losing.

Its going to happen so often. Prepare your best gleefull smiles and ‘sincere’ “well played, unlucky” comments.


I could go on and on. Basically there is absolutely loads happening on Varsity day. Check out the full schedule and go and support. There are some seriously good athletes at this University, and you can watch them for free! Goodness me I spoil you


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