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AMM and NUS National Conference

Friday 26-01-2018 - 09:16

Hey everyone! I’m Hari, your Chair of Student Council.

I hope everyone has recovered from the undemocratically enforced policy of exams, is enjoying term two and is sticking to their new year’s resolution in a way only nobody knows how.

February is absolutely RAMMED full of amazing events, but this is to let you know of the second biggest SU event of the year (after Stanford’s birthday)... 

Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM)

The Annual Members’ Meeting is on Tuesday 27th February at 6.15pm in the Anson Rooms.

Usually, Student Council is limited to just Student Leaders, and if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from pages upon pages of merciless feedback, it’s that more students want to be involved in SU democracy. And so there’s the AMM.

ANY STUDENTS can submit an item or issue for discussion (this can be anything that you want to change about Uni life, and make it SU Policy) at the AMM and ALL STUDENTS can attend and vote at the meeting. If you want to feel the full force of student empowerment, this is it.

The deadline for submissions is midday on Friday 9th February. The AMM also gets to hear reports from the Bristol SU Elected Officers about their activities and impact so far in the year.

Check out the Facebook event and invite all those you represent! And your mates! And your mates’ mates! And your dates! And your mates’ dates! And your mates’ dates’ mates! There will be PIZZA, great student debate, PIZZA, policy making, and lots of PIZZA at the AMM. It is an exciting opportunity to have your say (and have some PIZZA) so we hope to see you there.

If you’re a hardened democracy advocate, then there’s also an exciting chance to be involved with a bit more...

NUS National Conference

Bristol SU is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS) which means we can submit motions to their National Conference. As a Union we can submit up to 1400 words. If you want a motion to be part of our submission please submit it to the Democratic Standards Committee by 9am on Monday 5th February. Here is the NUS support for writing motions. Email these to

You will then be invited to Standing Committee on Tuesday 6th February at 6pm to present these motions. Standing committee will then vote, order and submit these from Bristol SU. Please email if you have any questions or get some more information. Serious stuff.

I hope to see you all there- if you’ve ever complained about anything to do with your Uni experience, THIS IS THE CHANCE TO CHANGE IT! With a bit of drive, you’ll be surprised with how much difference you, as an individual, can make!

On to the 27th.

Hari Sood
Chair of Student Council


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