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Annual Members' Meeting: What Happened

Sunday 21-02-2016 - 00:00

Last night, Thur 18 Feb, was our Annual Members’ Meeting.

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Over 370 students turned up to discuss the direction of the Union, meaning that the meeting reached quoracy (the number of people needed to pass policy) for the first time in 4 years!


Due to people coming and going, we were not quorate all evening, so the motions passed last night will be ratified at the next student council. A range of important, interesting and emotive issues were discussed, and despite a few technical difficulties...

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and maybe a few distractions on the Twitter feed...

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(By the way, if you’d like the chance to become a student officer and maybe get a Lounge Gold Card of you very own, you can stand for election here any time before 29 Feb). was great to see so many people there!

The Democracy Review

The evening opened with a discussion of a proposed review of the way Union democracy works. A majority voted in favour of the review, but the two-thirds majority required to change Union byelaws was not achieved, meaning that further consultation is necessary before making any changes.

We are running this survey to consult students on the proposals under the democracy review and understand what changes need to be made to make the proposals work for everyone. 

We want to hear from you whether or not you attended AMM, so please give us your thoughts here. 

The Motions

During the second part of the meeting we discussed the motions which had been brought forward by students. The results were as follows:

  1. Stand Up to Racism National Demo : PASSED

  2. Move Bristol SU to Campus!: PASSED

  3. University wide Referendum on Safe Space Policy: FAILED

  4. Union to Accept the Bristol Pound: PASSED

  5. Support the campaign against immigration detention and the #SurroundYarlsWood protest: PASSED

  6. Divesting from Israel’s Illegal Occupation of the West Bank: PASSED

  7. Lobby for Postgraduate Research Students to be paid monthly: PASSED

  8. Union to Support Britain remaining in the EU: PASSED      

  9. Amendment to motion 8: PASSED

We ran out of time to discuss all of the motions, so the following motions will be taken to student council:

  1. STOP TURKEYS WAR ON THE KURDS! Break The Silence!: To be taken to Student Council

  2. Re-affirming Commitment to Constructive and Safe Debate on Israel-Palestine: To be taken to Student Council

  3. Give the Student’s Union the democratic mandate to back and call for large-scale action such as a general strike from the students: To be taken to Student Council

The student group competition results

Well done to ThirdCultureKid society, and Bristol Left who won the student group competition to see who could bring the most members! Thanks to everyone who came!


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