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Awards Season: SU Awards 2019 Winners

Friday 14-06-2019 - 10:00

Awards season has been a fantastic celebration of all the amazing things that our students and staff do to make Bristol great!

The Society Awards happened on 10 June, followed by the Sports Awards on 12 June with the grand finalé, the SU Awards, rounding off the season on 13 June.

Here are the winners of the 2019 SU Awards.

Student Leader

Amy-Leigh Hatton
David Charles
Ruth Day

Winner: Amy-Leigh Hatton


Charlotte Smith
Maddy Kunkler
James Morgan

Winner: Maddy Kunkler


BVDA (Bristol Volunteers for Development Abroad)
Roots Community Gardening
Nicky Tarran
Shivali Sharma

Winner: Shivali Sharma


Black History Month
Bristol Student Staff Solidarity Group
Maddy Kunkler & Sustainability Month

Winner: Bristol Student Staff Solidarity Group


RMD Bristol (Resuscitation for Medical Disciplines)
Michael Natzler
Sally Emerson

Winner: Sally Emerson

Contribution to Student Media

Bristruths (The Brispages)
Hindu Society
Ed Southgate and Cameron Scheijde

Winner: Ed Southgate and Cameron Scheijde

UoB Staff Member

Sarah Price
Grace Kendrick
Tracy Brunnock
Robiu Salisu

Winner: Robiu Salisu

Bristol SU Staff Member

Annie Avery
Monica Pacek
Tom Wallis

Winner: Monica Pacek


RAG, Volunteering and Sustainability Network
Global Carnival
Mind Your Head
East Meets West

Winner: East Meets West

Equality and Diversity

BME Network
Nura Alyah
Neha Maqsood

Winner: BME Network

Sports Club of the Year

Women's Football

Winner: Women's Football

Society of the Year

Bollywood Dance Society
Chaos Society
Hindu Society

Winner: Hindu Society



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