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Being Chair of the Sports Network

Wednesday 31-01-2018 - 15:00

Networks are the grassroots of representation and campaigning at Bristol SU, bringing students together to work on different issues, like Wellbeing and Sport, or represent different types of students, like LGBT+ or international students. Networks run campaigns, hold events, and work with Full-Time Officers to get things changed at the SU or University.

Chairs of Networks are the lead representative for their Network or area, working with a committee or volunteers to run its activities. We caught up with Ginny Troughton, Chair of the Sports Network to find out more about her role.

Being Chair of the Sports Network is a great opportunity to be able to influence and be a student voice in matters both in the SU and SEH. It gives you insight into the way the organisations are run and you are a bridge between the two. The role gives you the unique chance to look at sport as a whole rather than the point of view of a certain club or participation.

Every week there are meetings about a different aspect of sport at Bristol, be it Club Development, Varsity or TimeOut. There is variety week on week and you can choose what aspects you want to concentrate on. The main focuses change throughout the year with depending on the campaigns running at the time for example; This Girl Can, Be Mankind or Ignit10n.

One of the most important things you take away from this role are the skills you develop. This includes chairing a network forum, organising events, people management and how to function in a Thursday morning meeting with a hangover (!).

One of my favourite moments in my role as Chair was being involved in the This Girl Can free weights takeover and seeing how many women engaged and were so keen to get involved in an event that had never taken place before.


Think you might like to Chair a Network? Nominations are open now until 1st March. Nominate yourself or recommend a friend at




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