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Bristol Teaching Awards

Monday 19-02-2018 - 09:00

The Bristol Teaching Awards have arrived!! This is your chance to highlight those members of academic, support or technical staff who have really made a difference in improving the educational experience.

The Bristol Teaching Awards recognise and rewards members of staff who have made an outstanding contribution to teaching and the support of students.

They could be an inspirational teacher, have designed innovative assessment techniques, or provided you and others with exceptional support – it’s up to you! The most important point is that you use your nomination to recognise and reward the people who make the experience that students have at Bristol the best it can be.

There are four categories of awards: Outstanding Teaching, Outstanding Teaching by a Postgraduate Student, Outstanding Support, and Outstanding Supervision.

All students can nominate for the Outstanding Support award.

All taught students (UG& PG) can nominate for the Outstanding Teaching (one award per faculty) and Outstanding Teaching by a Postgraduate Student awards.

Postgraduate research students can nominate for the Outstanding Supervision award.

More information about the awards, including all the criteria and the decision making process, can be found here.



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