Clifton Hill House Recycle/Upcycle Competition

Monday 22-06-2015 - 00:00

Clifton Hill House Hall of Residence had its first ‘Recycle/Upcycle Competition’ as a proud participant of Bristol's European Green Capital 2015 status. Each floor in the Hall had to create an item within teams using nothing but recyclable material, under the criteria that the item was both aesthetic and useful.

Entries ranged from personal bedside tables/shelves, to model aircraft, to bar glasses and candle holders cut from empty wine bottles. The winning teams received a free meal at a local restaurant.

This competition was funded by the Bristol SU Get Green Create Fund which is £7000 of funding for student-led sustainability projects and events.

Senior Resident Syano Musyimi, who organised the event, said: “This competition will make students aware that upcycling is sustainable and fun, and it is a hands-on and vivid way to learn each category of recycling to improve students’ recycling habits.”

Bristol SU is a programme partner of Bristol 2015. Find out how you can get involved at our Get Green pages.



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