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Courtrooms Hall Lockdown

Friday 09-10-2020 - 10:55

We’ve been living with the reality of COVID-19 for a significant amount of time now and today we’ve seen the first halls lockdown put into place at Bristol. 

There has been significant media coverage of halls lockdowns across the UK and we understand that now Bristol has locked down The Courtrooms this could cause anxiety for you. This is the first hall to be locked down but there may be more to follow. 

We’ve been lobbying for the University to ensure plans for halls lockdown include all the support you need including access to food, laundry and community building events. We are still actively lobbying the university on a number of additional things including: 

  • Access to financial hardship funding 
  • Buddy system 
  • Mental health provision 
  • Additional support for vulnerable students 
  • Rent in halls for the duration of the lockdown should be fully refunded 

It is important in this time that we recognise our shared responsibility to each other and take the necessary precautions to ensure that we are keeping each other safe. This means following guidance in order to prevent spreading the illness further in our community.  

You can contact us via email and we’ll be communicating with you on email and social media to give you every opportunity we can to let us know what is concerning you, and stay updated with the work we’re doing to support you. 

We’re conscious that the current situation is likely to affect your wellbeing so would encourage you to use the university wellbeing access form for support if you need it. We’ll be continuing to run events online, like many of our student groups, so that you are still able to connect to other students.  

In love and solidarity, 
The Bristol SU Officer Team 


Events for Students Self-Isolating

We're running three online events this weekend tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at 5 - 7pm for students self-isolating in The Courtrooms.

These 'Courtrooms Common Room' sessions are a place for you to socialise, chat and find support. Your SU elected officers will be there too, to listen to your concerns and to keep the conversation flowing.

These events are just the start of our efforts to support you through this tough time.

Some of the other things you can get involved with whilst self-isolating are:
⭐️ Online Give it a Go events -
⭐️ Access the Bristol SU Welcome Fair on demand -
⭐️ Flat activities with your Welcome Boxes (for students living in halls)



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