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Tuesday 20-10-2015 - 00:00

£50 Balloon Bikes hire scheme launched


Balloon Bikes is new scheme for students who want to cycle, but don’t have a bike. Whether it’s to help the environment, save money, explore the city, cut down on travel times or to keep fit, the scheme gives students who want to try out cycling for an affordable price.

The initiative was dreamt up by a group of students who won the University’s Make a Change award, a £20,000 grant of alumni donations, in March. Students were asked to submit projects that they felt would have a significant benefit to student life at Bristol.

The student body then voted for their favourite idea. The student bike hire scheme won with an impressive 45% of the votes.

Now, with support from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (administered by Travelwest),  Bristol SU have turned the idea into reality. 

Balloon Bikes has provided 50 bikes, complete with lights, locks and helmets (the latter provided by the University of Bristol), for students to rent for a full academic year for just £50. This first trial years will run in the hope that Bristol SU can provide more bikes for students in the future.

Sarah Redrup, Student Living Officer at Bristol SU, said “I’m really excited to see Bristol students being able to access these bikes. This is a brilliant example of a student’s creating real change in their community.’

Tracey Beck, Acting Director of the Development and Alumni Relations office, said “Now in its third year, it's fantastic to see the Make a Change scheme – and £20,000 from alumni donors – enable such a deserving and relevant project for current students. We hope the streets of Bristol will be graced with Balloon Bikes for many years to come.”


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