Elections: Meet the FTO Candidates

Thursday 09-03-2017 - 09:10


We are pleased to announce the full list of candidates for our six full-time elected officer roles!

Vote for the candidate you trust to represent you from 14 - 16 March.

We've published the candidates' summarised manifestos below. You can read their full manifestos here. 

You can also find details here of how to vote for whole student rep team, including Network Chairs, and your course and faculty reps.


Union Affairs Officer candidates


Patrick Thomas

I would prioritise:

  • MENTAL WELLBEING, offering student leaders a support network.
  • SU ACCESSIBILITY increasing campus presence and student-led events.
  • STUDENT VOICE supporting student media and improving attendance at democratic events.

Hari Sood

Simple: Increased credibility of and engagement with the Union + challenging the University as your student representative = an SU that fully represents the student voice and your concerns #CareAboutAffairs


My vision: students freely pursuing whatever activities they wish unhindered. I'll achieve this through a Union Mental Health Service, increased student access to rooms and student input on Union change!

Postgraduate Education Officer candidates


Trang Tran

Many postgraduates experience some sort of transition during their study, and I aim to improve the transitions for international students, postgraduate parents/carers, postgraduates who teach, and PGRs near completion.

Shubham Singh

Supporting international students by informing them better about their work opportunities and by providing for more English-improving opportunities. Fighting the rising tuition fees by supporting the Boycott NSS campaign.

Undergraduate education officer candidates


Mason Ammar

The idea is simple: Every student deserves a supportive, progressive and inclusive education. From mental health & counselling, assessments, timetabling and careers to campaigns and causes, I will represent you.

Shauna Coleman

‘Solidarity in Education’ can summarise my aims as Undergraduate Education Officer. I believe this can be achieved through improved communications, enhancing mental health services and solidifying student cohesion.

Rebecca Filer

My priorities:

  • Reforming the Personal Tutor system
  • Better academic support when taking Open Units
  • Campaigning for the best deal for students post-Brexit
  • Fairer timetabling for religious students
  • Improving study spaces

Joshua Buxton

I want to see a more inclusive university, which invests more in mental health support. I believe students should have greater flexibility with unit choices and assessment methods.

Martina Beleva

Here is what I will do for you:

  1. Prompt 1:1 counselling accessible to all
  2. Language units available to everyone
  3. More detailed and timely feedback

Kerensa Phelps

I believe that everyone should have access to affordable, quality education. I will ensure this by increasing pastoral support, ensuring prompt, quality feedback and by opposing the TEF and Prevent.

Zack Muddle

Using my extensive campaigning experience I’ll fight the HE reforms and for free education, free childcare and living grants, better mental health support, against PREVENT and to defend international students.

Student living officer candidates


Lucky Dube

Wellbeing is key to a student's experience: that's why I am running to be Student Living Officer. My programme will focus on halls, private housing, and mental health.

Adele Wills

In a nutshell, mental health and wellbeing are my priority across the board: in accommodation, faculties, and societies. I have the expertise and drive to enact change. Students come first!

Tyrone Falls

I will continue to campaign against rising rents and fees. I will campaign for free movement and against the racist PREVENT duty. I will campaign for more mental health support.

Ben Duncan-Duggal

Better mental health at this University is not wanted, but needed. Better counselling, a more caring university and lower accommodation costs all have a part to play in this.

Bharat Saini

I want to be a part of Students' Union which Stand-up against crime & guarantees Student Safety. Which provides mental health support. And counters private landlord and letting agent piranhas.

Sport and student development candidates


John House

Having made positive changes this year, I want to further increase participation, continue to build a strong sporting community and revitalise development for under-represented students.

James Moulder

I want students at Bristol to have more opportunities to be active, in a more inclusive and supportive environment, which will help to improve the mental well-being of students.

Equality, liberation and access officer candidates


Sophia Ehimiaghe

If elected, I will work hand in hand to improve academic and social aspects of university in areas of accessibility and consideration, making mental health, and support services a priority.

Gee Soothill

I would support students with health problems and disabilities; help staff understand what is offensive language and behaviour, with training and resources; and fight for more accessible and inclusive education.

Rowena Salmon

As ELA Officer I would take an intersectional approach to tackling problems such as racism and sexual assault on campus, improving both reporting procedures and support for victims and survivors.

Des Ibekwe

“Visibility and Proactivity” is my stance. I will enact policy and lobby the university on issues regarding discrimination and also create a positive learning environment for liberation identities.

Nic Chedgey

I’m standing for Rights, Freedom and Rights. Because it's Wrong that anyone should be taught they don't matter in this community. Make welfare support an inclusive part of university life.

Amy Finch

Vote ELAmy for an Officer that will listen to and respect students of all identities. I will work determinedly to deliver a fairer and more rewarding university experience for you.


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