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Final Student Council 2019

Wednesday 05-06-2019 - 09:02

On Tuesday 11 June we are inviting all student leaders to join us in the Anson Rooms from 4:45pm for pizza, prosecco and democratic debate.

We’ve had lots of exciting motions submitted by students! Below is a summary of each of the motions that have been submitted. You can view the full motions here and vote in the priority ballot to decide the order of discussion.


1. I AMM In Favour of Change - brought forward from AMM

Our Union Affairs Officer is looking to review the way our Annual Members Meeting operates. This motion would mandate Bristol SU and its officer team to conduct a review of AMM, using student consultation to draw up concrete proposals for improvements before bringing these to a democratic meeting for approval. 

2. Create a Parents, Carers and Mature Students Network - brought forward from AMM

This motion identifies parents, mature students and students with caring responsibilities as underrepresented within the SU and University. It seeks to create a network with the aim of better understanding the experiences of these students, representing their interests in the University and the SU, and building a community of support.

3.  Support for Student Workers through the Couriers’ Network  - brought forward from AMM

These students argue that many students work as bicycle couriers for companies such as Deliveroo because of the flexibility offered, but are not being paid a fair wage for the level of work. This motion asks the SU to publicly support the Bristol Couriers’ Network strike; to communicate information about the strikes to students; and to promote opportunities for financial assistance to couriers who are participating in the strike.

4. Supporting Student Societies with Security Costs

This motion argues that the University’s requirement for student groups to pay for security at events with high profile speakers is prohibitive. It mandates the SU to lobby the University to cover security costs under University budgets, or to work with the University to create a grant to cover security costs.

5. Bristol University and Bristol SU to adopt and act on APPG full definition of Islamophobia

This motion asks for the SU to adopt the APPG definition of islamophobia and lobby the University to do the same. The APPG definition states that “islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.” It lays out a number of actions that the SU should take to reform their processes around Islamophobia.

6. Comprehensive Support & Advice for Pregnant Students and their Partners 

This motion highlights a lack of information and support available for students who experience an unplanned pregnancy while at University. It actions the SU to lobby the University to put in place more comprehensive support for pregnant students and their partners.

7. Lobby the University for an increase in the SU budget with money ring fenced for an increase in the Grants for societies and Hardship Fund

The University supplies the SU with a bloc grant based on student numbers, which goes towards student activities and grants amongst other things. It asks the SU to lobby the University to increase the bloc grant and to ring fence some of this extra funding for the Group Grant pool and the Hardship Fund for society activities. 

8.  Free Transport for Students

This motion argues that, as the cost of living in the areas around the University is so high and the majority of halls are far from campus, the University should expand their free bus services to all students and provide free or discount transport to other key locations. It mandates the SU to lobby the University and support students to campaign on this issue.

9. A Clear Bristol SU Disciplinary Procedure 

In 2016 a new Code of Conduct was voted in by Student Council, but the SU’s byelaws were never updated to match these changes, resulting in a lack of clarity around disciplinary procedures.This motion seeks to address discrepancies between the SU’s disciplinary procedures as set out in the Code of Conduct and in our byelaws and to give clarity to how the SU handles breaches of its policies by groups and members.


Who can vote?

Unlike at AMM, at Student Council not every student can vote. These are the students that can vote:

  • Full time officers
  • Chairs of Networks
  • Presidents or representatives of a society
  • Club Captains
  • Course Reps
  • Faculty Reps
  • JCR Presidents

If your rep cannot make it someone on their committee can attend in their place, but their name must be emailed to in advance of the meeting.

I can’t vote, so now what?

You can still do the following:

  • Vote in the priority ballot. Vote on what’s most important to you to make sure that it is discussed early on the proceedings.
  • You can still come. You’ll be handed an Observer Card, which means you can ask questions and debate but your vote won’t be counted.
  • Encourage your Course Rep, Faculty Rep, Club Captain etc. to attend and represent you with their vote


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