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Green Capital Change Maker of the Fortnight 3

Monday 30-11-2015 - 00:00

The award has been devised to recognise the contributions of UoB and UWE students to Bristol’s year as European Green Capital. Hannah is one of our Green Capital Change Makers and she shared her thoughts on her Green year with us...

"In coming to Bristol I never thought that I would have the chance to get involved in so many amazing things that aim to make a difference to the world. Bristol is the European Green Capital for many reasons, but for me I believe we have been chosen due to the sheer variety of environmental projects that the city has to offer, and the eagerness of the people of Bristol to get involved and back new campaigns.

Putting my name down on many a sign-up sheet at the volunteer fair sent my email into overload, and my diary soon filled up as I wanted to be involved with as many things as possible. The request for people to attend a focus group about sustainability in the curriculum was just one of those emails, and by the end of the year, I had been a joint organiser in a student led conference, whereby we had presentations by four different students from all schools of the university, with research focused upon four different aspects of sustainability, emphasising how we can embed it into the curriculum. The intrigue as to what ‘Divestment’ was and what it would mean to the university has led to a petition signed by over 2000 students, with the hope for more action to come next year from the university’s finance team itself. The aptly titled ‘Engage Café’ drew my attention, and soon I was learning about areas of sustainability I had never thought of, as well as meeting new people and making new friends and learning of new and exciting projects in Bristol.

I may have decided to have a go at everything and overloaded my diary, but the vast array of sustainability focused groups here in Bristol definitely meant my first year was not dull. I am not saying that everyone should spend all their time involved in sustainable projects, but what I am saying is that we should all sign up to what we can, go along to meeting that entice us, and see where it leads. The opportunities in Bristol are endless and widespread- there is something for everyone. If everyone made one change or commitment, then who knows how we may have changed society in the years to come".    

Are you a Green Capital Change Maker too?

If you have done 7 hours of work on social, economic or environmental sustainability in 2015 then you can claim a Green Capital Change Maker award recognising your efforts. The awards are open to all students- full time, part time, undergraduate and postgraduate.

This could be a volunteer project, research dissertation, paid employment, anything- as long as it is relevant to sustainability, it qualifies. You need to have shared your action too, a social media post being a great way of doing so.

It is an exciting year for Bristol – if you have contributed, get it recognised!


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