Green Capital Change Maker of the Fortnight 4

Friday 01-01-2016 - 00:00

The award has been devised to recognise the contributions of UoB and UWE students to Bristol’s year as European Green Capital. Femi Richard Omotoyinbo, an MA Philosophy and Law student, is one of our Green Capital Change Makers and told us about his experiences… 

'Without prior awareness of the Change Maker Award, I was already passionate to contribute to sustainability, especially environmental sustainability. I understand that existence is not simply for the sake of existing, we exist in order to be responsible. Every human has a responsibility to nature.

When there is a will, there is always a way. Through the University of Bristol Student Union, I got two opportunities that enabled me to devote 22 hours of volunteering for the course of sustainability.

My first opportunity was as a Conference Facilitator with a team of (about) ten students. The University of Bristol collaborated with the Sustainable Schools Alliance and SEEd, to host and deliver the 2015 National Sustainable Schools Conference. The Conference held speeches plus workshops focused on teachers and students creating collective attention for sustainability, and provoking a sense of responsibility in everyone. I participated in the workshops, assisted in the usage of equipment and helped with peoples’ enquiries. Later, I got another opportunity through the Bristol Hub, during the last weeks of June. I engaged with three like-minded students, and travelled around Bristol to check for the presence of tree stumps and newly planted trees in various neighbourhoods using City Council maps.

During these opportunities, it was fascinating to see how the theme of sustainability could engender genuine unity despite human differences. It was obvious that all hands must be on deck to create a sustainable future. Although there is more to be done in Bristol and beyond, I was delighted that I contributed to the success of Bristol as the European Green Capital City'.  

Are you a Green Capital Change Maker too?

If you have done 7 hours of work on social, economic or environmental sustainability then you can claim a Green Capital Change Maker award recognising your efforts. The awards are open to all students- full time, part time, undergraduate and postgraduate.

This could be a volunteer project, research dissertation, paid employment, anything- as long as it is relevant to sustainability, it qualifies. You need to have shared your action too, a social media post being a great way of doing so.

It is an exciting year for Bristol – if you have contributed, get it recognised!


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