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Tuesday 05-12-2017 - 13:10

Recently there's been lots of conferences, training and democratic meetings hosted by the SU to benefit the student expereince here at Bristol. We caught up with some of the your representatives (reps) ranging from your faculty, courses, societies, clubs, halls and more. 

There are hundreds of students that are there to listen to your views, try to improve things for you, run campaigns, organise social events and vote on policy. 

We spoke to some of these reps at the recent Student Council and Course Rep Conference. Here is what they want to achieve this year! 


Post Graduate Biomedical Sciences Rep - Rizwan 

“As a faculty rep I would like to get people more involved, hear their feedback and how they’d like to improve it, then give that back the department.”


Snowsports Society Vice-President - Emma 

“I want to get a good sponsorship for the society to make things more affordable for everyone and to get more beginners involved”


Third year Physics Course Rep - Cris 

“I think there’s been a big push on trying to make things less stressful for students as possible with deadlines being bunched together. Also, I’m worried about teaching standards and want to make sure they are kept high.”


Third Year Medicine Coure Rep - Andreas 

“The main thing this year is to get more space in the environmental faculty, we’re short of social, café and even lab space. We’ve already being liaising with the faculty dean; several heads of schools and we’re inputting into the planning of the development of the space from construction companies.”


Want to know how to find your reps? Want to see what they are doing?

Faculty and Course Reps aim to work together to build an education student community and create change through collective action. 

JCR’s are an elected committee in each halls of residence. They are there to listen and to represent you. Also, they organise social activities and events. Want to know more? Join your halls Facebook page to see what’s going on! 

Network Reps make sure all identities are represented. We have 13 networks from identities like LGBT+, BME and disabled to academic networks like education and postgraduate. There’s something for everyone. They represent you at a democratic level, provide support, run campaigns and organise social events. 


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