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Humans of Bristol: Who inspires you?

Tuesday 19-04-2016 - 00:00

The SU Awards are coming up, so to get you thinking about who you might nominate we went out on campus and asked you to tell us about people who inspire you. We had a great time meeting you all!

You can nominate students, societies, sports clubs, and staff from the University & SU for an award any time before 1 May

"When I think of someone who inspires me I go back to my sailing skipper skipper. He would definitely bollock you if you mess up, but he’d always take you for a beer afterwards to explain where you went wrong. He was just an all round great guy and I think that attitude of forgiving in teaching is really important."

"Honestly I can’t pick just one person who inspires me, but the whole rugby team are an inspiration. I started rugby in first term, and despite the fact that Bristol is obviously a good uni, it was rugby really that made staying at Bristol worth it for me. All of the first years say that the inclusivity of the club and the fact that they welcome everyone is the reason they love Bristol."

"This might sound a bit cliche, but my mum is my biggest inspiration. She raised my sister and I. My mum had a comfortable job in a hospital reception, but when we were born that job obviously clashed with school holidays and the school day. She wanted to be able to spend time with us and raise us herself, so she gave up her job and moved over to the education sector and became a teacher, which was something completely new to her. And she did that just for us. 15 years later, she is now the Vice President of the school she works at, she is a chair of the teachers union. She also took on two extra University degrees while she was raising us. If my mum can switch to a sector she didn’t originally have an interest in and rise to the top, just for her children, then that drives me to reach for the top in everything I want to do."

Claire Hargreaves is an inspiration to all first years. She writes for Her Campus, Epigram, The Tab. She’s on the Manor Hall JCR and organises incredible events. She’s an incredible person - always there for everyone, whatever you need. Plus she’s funny!

"I’ve been working with Jess Taylor on the Labour society’s campaign to get students to vote, and Jess has been SO instrumental to the campaign. Students are currently dropping off the electoral register in huge numbers, but they can make such a huge difference to elections in Bristol so it’s really important that we all register!"

Alicia Coupland is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the chance to work with. I started working at Bristol SU part-time as a first year and Alicia was the friendliest, funniest and most authentic person I could have hoped for to show me the ropes. I have never met anyone so sincere and so passionate about they do. She has so much love for the students she works with and is so committed to helping people out with their campaigns. She’s moving to London soon, and she’ll be sorely missed!


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