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Meet Our Rep of the month - January

Monday 25-01-2016 - 00:00

December’s Rep of the Month is PGT Faculty Rep for Health Sciences Andrea Cordaro.

Andrea has been incredibly proactive about representing his peers and making changes to his course.

We asked him some questions about his experience, here is what he had to say:

1) What inspired you to be a rep?

I deeply enjoy helping others and making the educational experience as positive as possible and always wanted to be at the forefront of this. I understand the feedback cycle and have an eye for problems and successes, so this was an opportunity to enhance my skills and make my peers feel they can not only voice but see change.  

2) How have you found the experience of being a rep?

I have found it very enjoyable and actually has brought me closer to my peers in my course. Although I have had a lot of meetings to attend, I felt I contributed to each one in a positive way. I am looking forward to continuing it this year!

3) What have you done so far?

All changes were done together with feedback from my peers. I organised with our course director a revision period for an exam and spoke with our statistics tutor to give tutorial questions beforehand so we can go over all the questions in the tutorial to make the class more effective. I spoke to the organisers of the Student Leader Conference of the Union to create certificates of attendance for portfolios and with the help of the Faculty Education Manager I enacted my plan in my manifesto: to make blackboard announcements reach the emails of over 600 students and contacted the TEL team to resolve this issue. I also attended my FSSLCs and the University Senate.                                                                         

4) What would you tell someone thinking of running to be a rep?

I'd tell them that it is a fabulous experience and you are able to not only learn 'backstage' about education and how the University runs, but you are able to enact good change that can help many people! "Go for it!"

If you're a rep and want the chance to be crowned Rep of the Month and win a delightful new mug, just tell us what you have been up to! Good luck!


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