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Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy Consultation

Friday 26-10-2018 - 11:05

The University has been working on its new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which Bristol SU has been feeding into. As an officer team, we feel that our voices alone are not enough. We believe that the whole student body must have an input into the direction and implementation of this strategy. It is critical that you, as Bristol students, have a say in shaping this strategy because it will directly affect your student experience and thousands of your peers. This should be done both indirectly, through your elected representatives, and directly, in your own words. This draft will give students the opportunity to contribute their demands and needs and include their voices in the University’s strategy.

At Bristol SU we will hold the university to account to ensure that the discussion around mental health stays at the top of the university's agenda. Every student deserves to feel supported through their university experience and every student has a voice which should be listened too. We know that this topic is incredibly important to Bristol Students, and we respect that every student will experience mental health differently. Therefore, we welcome all students’ input and ideas and urge everyone to get involved.

In December, the University of Bristol will release their final version of the strategy, based upon the feedback of our students. Raise your voice and make sure it represents you. Everyone deserves to be heard and every voice is equally important. This is your strategy now, so let's shape it together.


Complete the consultation online

The consultation will be open until Wednesday 7 November.


There will also be an opportunity to provide feedback in person at the Wellbeing Network Forum on Tuesday 23 October. This will be held in the Gromit Room at Bristol SU from 6:30-8pm. You can find out more details and book your place online.


If you are looking for help with your own wellbeing please visit >>




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