Officer Blog: Being a Temporary Sharer

Friday 01-09-2017 - 00:00

So you’ve been told that you’re a temporary sharer. Even though you don’t have your own room yet, the university are trying hard to find you a room of your own. Here are some tips to make sure your experience sharing is the best it can be: 

Get to know each other’s timetables

Everyone does things at different times: some people are early risers, waking regularly at 6am, some wake later in the morning as they have stayed up in the early hours. It's crucial to understand your roommate’s schedule so you can avoid clashes when one of you wants to work or have some down time.

Establish rules (but not too many)

Talk about your expectations and preferences with your roommate: what habits do you have? Do you like playing music out loud? How often should you clean the room and how clean should you keep it? Make sure you know where the line is with your roommate and if you disagree on something, try and reach a compromise.

Ask before inviting guests

Planning on inviting some friends over to chill out or inviting people into your room during a house party? Ask your roommate if they’re ok with this. Always let your roommate know if you plan on inviting people to your room so they know if they should make other plans – they might also want to meet your friends so invite them along.

Be open with each other

If there are any problems, make sure to talk them through instead of bottling them up. You might be unhappy with your roommate's habit of leaving clothes on the floor, or leaving the heating on. Remember: your interests and ways of doing things are very unlikely to be the same as your roommates so always try to reach a compromise.

Have fun

Having a roommate can be great, you will develop a bond with them because you live together. Your roommate can be good company and a source of support if you need it. Be open to your roommate's interests and find time to do things together – you might discover something you enjoy.


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