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Officer Blog: Welcome Week Top Picks

Monday 04-09-2017 - 00:00

Sport and Student Development Officer John House talks through his top five picks from the Welcome Week Programme.

Bristol. Home of Deal or No Deal, Planet Earth Documentaries, Hot Air Balloons and buses that run on human poo. With such a background it’s no surprise that Bristol is widely regarded as ‘pretty decent’.

There’s always a lot of stuff going on, particularly in Welcome Week, where post-night-out-all-day-breakfasts become their own form of currency (I once traded a full English for some shoes).

So how can you pick what to go for amongst this pile of events?

Here’s 5 events you cannot under any circumstances afford to miss if you want to achieve optimum fun, unless you have a good excuse or don’t wake up from a nap.


Get Up and Glow Morning Rave



Not to be mistaken for a new way to celebrate the dead, this event will be sure to start your day off the right way, by doing what you usually do late at night. Early rumours for this event suggests it includes yoga, meditation and filthy dubstep which is a combination that every erstwhile millennial should experience.  If like me you’re a ‘rave a day’ kind of person then seize this chance to get the rave out of the way, leaving you with the rest of the day to go back to sleep and reconsider your life choices.


Wonderland at Motion



You’re told to walk in a winter based one every Christmas, Alice liked it so much she went back for a second slice, well now it’s your chance to experience a wonderland as Bristol SU ends your welcome week with a relatively large bang. Situated at Motion, probably the only club in the world where you can both tear up the dancefloor with your best shapes and perform a ‘sik 360 ollie frontside yo’ (it’s also a skate-park), the club ranks as the 19th best in the world (collective gasp). It’s the last night out of the week. It will be massive. Don’t miss out.


Welcome Fair



Like the Boots Meal Deal, this is it, the big one that leaves all others in the shade. Located on the Downs, a big open space located ironically at the top of a hill, the welcome fair offers you the chance to check out every opportunity under the Bristol sun. With over 12000 people attending, this really is the Glastonbury of free pens and free pizza. Genuinely don't miss it. It's wonderful.


True Tales



Whilst the name story slam might suggest a frivolous evening of throwing works of literature into the floor, it's a whole other kettle of fish, (NB cooking fish in a kettle is a life hack I recommend you don’t try). Go along and hear stories from genuine real life people, and have the opportunity to read a chapter of your memoirs to others, all based around the highly convenient and impeccably planned theme of ‘Fresh Starts’.


Silent/Roller Disco



Love dancing but hate conforming to the rhythm of the crowd? Think your ears look way better with some socking great headphones on them? Want to guarantee no dancefloor conversation is even considered? Then a silent disco is for you. Combine that with the natural pull of falling over repeatedly to music and you’ve got Bristol SU’s Silent/Roller Disco. A delightful way to ensure the most embarrassing moment of your welcome week comes at the start.


So there we have it. 5 cracking Welcome week events. I hope it helped. It probably didn't. I liked it though. Maybe it gave you something to read on the toilet. Everyone's a winner.

In all seriousness, Welcome Week is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved and meet new people. Get stuck in. You won’t regret it. 


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