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Someone filled in the SU survey from the point of view of a helicopter

Friday 06-05-2016 - 00:00
Helicopter 3

Ever filled in a feedback form and wondered if anyone is actually going to read it? When we launched the Bristol SU Survey we made you a promise: we will read every word you write to us. It’s worth it because we really want to understand what your life is like at Bristol and use that to shape the work we do for you.

Our researcher Helen has been reading your responses to the survey and you’ve been keeping her entertained with essay rants, great observations about Bristol life and a few high quality jokes. We’ve even been treated to a (surprisingly detailed) conspiracy theory about Taylor Swift…

But the highlight so far must be the helicopter. Yes, the helicopter. An AH-64 Apache, to be precise.

What do you do in your day-to-day life to support or improve your wellbeing?” we asked.

“Imagine myself soaring through the sky, launching rockets at enemy personnel” they replied, somewhat ominously.

“What sort of accommodation do you currently live in during term-time?”

“A hangar” came the reply. £400 a month to rent, if you’re interested

“Are there any events or milestones in the year that you would like to celebrate with the student community?”

“I found a doctor who can graft hellfire rocket pods onto my body!” they told us proudly.

We started to wonder how we’d missed this intriguing student over the past year. They’ve apparently been to some gigs at the Anson Rooms and an event or two in the Balloon Bar (maybe we need to rethink security if they got in with their missiles) but not to many club or society meetings (“I didn’t think I would find students like me there” they told us, which seems pretty likely, to be honest).

The helicopter certainly raises some interesting questions. Maybe we need to think about how we engage with airborne students. Maybe we should look at the support they can access from the University. For now we’ll just keep reading:

“What are the biggest factors which detract from your wellbeing while at University?”

People telling me being an attack helicopter is impossible”

Well, don’t let us stop you from living your dreams. Fly on, little Helicopter, fly on.

Whether you are capable of flight or not, we’d really like to hear from you about your life as a Bristol student. Our survey takes 15 minutes to fill in (a perfect revision break!) and has plenty of space for you to rant, reflect and ramble to your heart’s content. We’ll read everything you write and use your views and experiences to shape our work next year. Fill it in here.


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