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Monday 11-09-2017 - 09:00

Since Roman times up until the advent of better technology, organisations would employ ‘Town Criers’ to walk around the local town squares ringing a bell and shouting all the big announcements or information. When I suggested this method for the following information, I was met with a chorus of ‘Why?’, ‘Where we would get a bell from?’ and ‘How did you get this number?’ so I suppose this article will have to do.

That unnecessary opening aside, let's get down to the meat (or if you prefer Quorn #Nojudgement) of this blog.

When people think of University sport they picture the big competitive sports, playing on a Wednesday afternoon, running around and generally making loud noises. Whilst this is arguably true for some of our Sports clubs, sport and activity at Bristol is home to a much larger range of opportunities.

Bristol SU and Sport Exercise and Health offer hours of activity, which, like a completed lego structure that you don’t have room for, I will now break down for you.

B:Active Campus

A series of classes and sports offered to any students at the University either free or for a nominal fee (£2). All located at either the SU, swimming pool or the Sports Centre expect to be able to take part in a range of activities from Zumba, pilates, kickboxing, indoor football, basketball to Yoga and Badminton.

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B:Active Residencies

Someone once said ‘If you build it they will come’, a statement that is apparently not always the case when it comes to physical activity and students. Luckily for you, Bristol is willing to bring it straight to your doorstep. If you wonder why there's some Bollywood dance or body combat happening in your residence common room, then wonder no more. That's the magic of B:Active Residencies.

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B:Active Fit&Fab

A programme of activity solely for those who identify as female. Over 30 hours of activity a week. And what does it cost? £24.99 for a whole year. Pay the one off fee, join the community, attend as much as you want. Limited to 600 students, places sell quicker than actual hotcakes. That’s a phrase designed to show Fit&Fab is really popular, I don’t actually know how quickly hotcakes sell these days. I’ll get back to you on that one.

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Varsity Mass Participation

Varsity isn’t all about us beating UWE at sports, it’s also home to a number of mass participation events that absolutely anyone can get involved in. Colour runs? You bet. Giant inflatable assault courses? 100% yes. All of which as well get you a Varsity t-shirt so you can join the other Bristolian masses who don them every year when they run out of clean clothes! Win win.

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There’s more on top of these headline acts of the Bristol sport and activity world that I could ramble on about for pages and pages but I imagine by now you’re so hyped for participation sport that you can’t take another morsel of info.

(If you can check out the B:Active trail - and the B:Active Pulse classes for those of you that rate yourself at the top of the fitness class game)

This in no way was a parable, but I’m all for making clear what the moral of something is. So the moral of this story *article* is - Get involved! It’s easy, cheap and the benefits are massive, from the obvious health ones to the amazing #WeAreBristol community you get to join.

I’ll see you at Pilates. I’ll be the one a good metre away from touching his toes.


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