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Spotlight on: X Marks the Spot @ Thekla

Friday 28-08-2015 - 00:00

Tuesday 22 September

Thekla. Possibly the coolest club venue in Bristol. It’s on a boat, so the pirate theme is very fitting. You will be expected to embrace the fancy dress!


What can you expect?

• To walk a plank to get on board.

• A cavernous dance floor in the belly of the boat, with DJs playing banging tunes all night.

• Smaller dance rooms playing more alternative music: explore the boat/maze to find them!

• Treasure. We can’t say any more here, but keep your eyes wide open (unless of course they’re covered by eye patches)

• An awesome outdoor area on top deck. The perfect setting in which to truly embrace your inner pirate.

• Did we mention it’s on a boat?


What should you wear?

Anything piratical. We expect wooden legs, eye patches, parrots on shoulders, pistols (not real please), gold teeth etc. Please use your swords and cutlasses responsibly.



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