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Survey Month: Why It's Important

Thursday 25-02-2016 - 00:00

I have never ever met a student who doesn’t want to have their opinion heard. Surveys generally don’t lie. They are a fantastic way for any officer of the SU to state clearly what students think and want.

The National Student Survey and YourBristol survey cover all aspects of the student experience at the university - from assessment and feedback to how well you feel listened to and represented. Together, they quite simply are the most powerful way of changing the University.

The results of both of these surveys feed into university action planning - but more importantly the results of the NSS are public.  

And so, please do take the time to fill in the survey relevant you - NSS is for final year undergrads, YourBristol is for all other taught students (UG and PGT).   And when you do just remember to be honest about your own experiences at Bristol. You really will be shaping the University in the future.

YourBristol and NSS can both be accessed here.


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