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The 8 best things about representing Bristol students

Tuesday 29-09-2015 - 00:00

We're looking for student reps for the year ahead. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider going for it. 8 of the best things about representing Bristol students:

1. Making your ideas happen

You all will have had those ‘if only’ moments: if only the library stayed open longer, if only more people were aware of the challenges faced by international students,  if only the vending machine stocked Wispa Gold (just us?). Well, if you’re a rep, you are equipped to actually start making some of these changes, and that feels AWESOME.

2. Making other people’s ideas happen

The only thing better than doing something to help yourself is doing something to help someone else. There may be issues faced by other people in your halls/ group/ course that you haven’t even thought about, but as a rep you will be in a position to help everyone improve their student life.

3. New mates

You’ve got the power. That means that people will be turning to you to discuss all of the awesome ideas they have. So many potential friends!

4. Useful contacts

Through a rep role you will get to know all sorts of people at the university, the union and sometimes across Bristol. These people can come in handy in all sorts of ways: from offering advice to references.

5. Leadership training

As a rep, you will be invited to attend Student Leader conferences a few times a year. This training will be invaluable to you in your role as a rep, but also once you graduate and enter the *real* world, you will be fully equipped for leadership roles.

6. Other kinds of training

Student leaders are also offered training in everything from running successful social media campaigns, to applying for funding, to running events. All sorts of skills that will come in handy.

7. Increased employability

By the end of your time as a student rep, you will be so skilled up that you will have everything you need to impress potential employers. Just make sure you mention it in applications!

8. Free stuff

Like swag. And lunch.

Nominations for reps close Monday 5 October for undergrads and Monday 26 October for postgrads. Find out more and nominate a mate (or yourself!) to be a rep here.



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