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The Big Review

Tuesday 10-11-2015 - 00:00

Every 6 years the University is reviewed by an organisation called the Quality Assurance Agency. It's like Ofsted, but for Universities. You get to affect the outcome of the review.

The QAA look at things like:

  • Variety in assessment and feedback
  • Transition to University
  • Quality of Information given to students
  • Readiness to study
  • Resources

Part of the review is The Student Written Submission (SWS): this is submitted by the students’ union and informs the panel what students think of their educational experience at the University.

The underlying message of this year’s submission highlights the varied experience students have from one school to another.

It is vitally important that this document reflects the actual thoughts of all our students. Take a look at our 40 recommendations and let us know what you think in this survey.

Please do not underestimate how important this process is for actually achieving real change. The outcome of this review will have a very direct impact on how the university is run for the next 6 years.


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