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The Richmond Lectures: Shami Chakrabarti

Tuesday 12-04-2016 - 00:00

This millennium has been dominated with a presence of terrorism. Reacting to this fear, governments around the world have been forced to balance national security with the freedoms of their citizens. Terrorism is something that, in a very real way, affects each one of us in our every day lives. It is this theme that Shami will be exploring.

Shami Chakrabarti is the former Director of Liberty: an organisation that dedicates itself to the protection of civil liberties and the promotion of human rights. If any of us looks around the political world at the moment, with the conflict in Syria, the aftermath of the attacks in Paris on Europe and an increasingly destabilised world, due to terror or the fear of terror, it could not be more appropriate to speak on the impact of terrorism on our society and democracy. 

Shami will be joining us on the 13th April to deliver her Richmond Lecture. 

You can get your FREE ticket here.

I look forward to seeing you there

Max Austin

Undergraduate Education Officer


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