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The ultimate student house-hunting checklist

Monday 16-11-2015 - 00:00

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1. Look for secure locks, windows and doors. Check out the local area in daytime and the evening: will you feel comfortable walking around there at night?

2. Take a checklist and write down what you *really* want (parking, gardens etc.)

3. Ask the tenants questions! Is the wifi fast enough? What is heating like? How is the landlord?

4. Look out for mould. Black spotting is condensation, but bubbling paint and a smell of damp is structural!

5. Get everything in writing: make sure the landlord/letting agent writes down promises. Email is best!

6. Make sure you know what is included in the property and who is responsible for what (garden, appliances etc.)

7. Having a smoke detector on each floor is a legal requirement. Bristol SU’s lettings service make sure all of their properties have a carbon monoxide detector.

8. Find out what additional fees letting agents and landlords might charge (inventory, agency fees etc.)

9. Find out how you're expected to pay: monthly or quarterly? What is the deposit?

10. Make sure you're aware of UK based guarantors. Our lettings service negotiate with landlords for those who don't have one.


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