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Top picks from Bristol SU's Comedy Season

Monday 09-01-2017 - 11:09

Forget everything you thought you knew about the annual cycle of Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer because Bristol SU have gone and thrown another into the mix. And just like Breaking Bad, this 5th season is a belter.


Buckle up those metaphorical seatbelts - ‘Bristol SU Comedy Season’ is here.


But with such a wealth of comedic talent on offer, how can you choose between them all? Well, fear not. Unlike the supermarket self-checkout assistant that was so gracious when I purchased my lunch today, I’m here to help.


Without further ado (what even is ado?) here are my top 4 performers that you must see.


I googled it. ‘Ado’ means ‘foolish or unnecessary talk’. There you go. The more you know.


1. Tom Allen


Having appeared on television shows such as Eight out of Ten Cats does Countdown and Live at the Apollo, Tom Allen’s comedic talent is undoubtable. Multi-talented, he also recently became a voice actor for the Doctor Who audiobooks… Here’s hoping he decides to perform his first talent when he comes to Bristol SU.


Check out the event here


2. Ivo Graham


Ivo Graham has proven his comedic talents time and time again, first shooting to fame in 2010 when he won ‘So you think you’re funny?’ before a very successful Live at the Apollo performance. Having spent his University days at Oxford, it’s probably safe to assume that Bristol was his reserve UCAS option, so why not come down and support one of our own? (Sort of.)


Check out the event here


3. Jenny Collier


Rising to recent success down under at the Adelaide Fringe, Jenny Collier has received rave reviews for her hilarious show ‘Jen-Hur’, named after the infamous book Ben-Hur, once labelled ‘the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century.' Whether Jennys’ show will have quite the same impact I shall leave you to judge.


Check out the event here


4. Ian Smith


Not to be mistaken for Parliament member Ian Duncan Smith who’s comedic abilities I can’t comment on, Ian Smith shot to fame at the Edinburgh Fringe festival as well as co-hosting the football based comedy show ‘Magic Sponge’ on Dave, which let’s not forget, is THE home of witty banter. Is there a better endorsement than that?


Check out the event here


So there we have it, guaranteed laughter and frivolity. Also, the cost of seeing all these comedians is frankly as cheap as some pre-recession chips, at under £5.01. Superb.


John House

Sport and Student Development Officer



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